Dyeing and Finishing Machinery

Product Name: Dyeing and Finishing Machinery
Product Group: Finishing
proposal: INTER-SA8503
Manufacturer: Misc
Machine Type: Various Dyeing and Finishing Machinery

CORINO Squeezer, opening machine 1997
2 x TECNINOX Jet dyeing machine cap 400 Kgs 1993
TECNINOX Jet sample dyeing machine 60 Kgs 1989
JUSA Jet sample dyeing machine 50 Kgs 1986
THIES Jet sample dyeing machine 50 Kgs 2001
THIES Jet sample dyeing machine 30 Kgs 2001
MAJEN Jet dyeing machine 150 Kgs 2008
MONFORT MONTEX Stenter Machine 1987 5 chambers Gas heated or termo fluid
JUSA Calender JUSA 1985 1.20 mt
BRUCKNER, Dryer 2.40 Mtr, 2 chambers, gas, 1998
COMATEX Automatic unstitching machine 2008 CX 00SC1
COLOR SERVICE Complete Chemical dispensing system 2000
Datacolor International Laboratory Dispenser Autolab 108
Datacolor International Solution Maker + Mixer Autolab SM
VISOMOR Steam Boiler 1997 Production 6400 Kg/h; Total capacity 16 cubic mtrs. Natural gas
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