LIBA- COP Warp Knitting Machines and Warpers

Product Name: LIBA- COP Warp Knitting Machines and Warpers
Product Group: Knitting
proposal: INTER-SA3307
Manufacturer: Liba, Sun Woo
Machine Type: Warp Knitting Machines and Warpers

6 LIBA- COP Warp Knitting Machines
Model CENTRA 3K+E -EBA – 28 E – 130″ wide
Year 1997-99
Serial 20XXX
Note: includes 2 shaft for each loom
1 laser top + 1 scanner protechna


1) 1 Warper 42’’x30’’ Sun Woo Textile Year 2008 (production 800RPM with 40den/13fil text. Nylon)
2) With beam chuck 6’’ and 4.5’’
3) Front roller
4) Auto tension device
5) Yarn inspector
6) Guiding roller installed in the head part
7) Main reed
8) 3 antistatic tubes
9) 1 oiling device
10) 1 eyelet board
2) 1 Creel turntable up to 1386 ends Year 2008
With oil tension type KFD with integrated stop
Spacing 380mm x 380mm or 410mm x 410mm
Cone holders for tubes and cheese up to 15 Kg

3) 1 Warper Sun Woo Textile Auto Without creel. (Head only, as spear and never used)—Year 2008

Modell. KHHW-IV
Year. 1983
Tragkraft. 2000 Kg.
5) 82 BEAMS 42″X 30” ALUCOLOR.== diameter 4.5”
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