Nonwoven Production Line

Product Name: Nonwoven Production Line
Product Group: Complete Plant
proposal: INTER-SA7009
Manufacturer: Misc
Machine Type: Wadding Production Line

1 x Wadding production line with production capacity 600 square meters per hour,
Working wadding weights from 90 g / m 2 to 400 g / m2,
According to the above can produce a maximum of 240 kilos / hour.

It consists of:

Charger with power control by using photocells fill level and speed of delivery by an inverter.
Card brand PLATT 1971 252 two-body type with width of 1.80 meters.
Cross lapper high production to work a maximum width of 2.50 meters model 2014.
Gas oven with two fields, each with independent burner controlled by their respective thermocouples and pyrometers, to work a maximum width of 2.50 meters modeled 2014.
Control cabinet where all built from principo (charger) until the end of the line (oven) controls are
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