Octir Titano

Product Name: Octir Titano
Product Group: Spinning
proposal: INTER-SA1154
Manufacturer: Octir
Machine Type: Octir Titano

2 machines “Octir” 1984 model Titano – Multitrave / width 3500 mm, 3500 mm leveling composition A2C/S2TB chard 2 c / d: automatic loader mod. “CB” of C4/411 food group avantrain mod.2000/6/750 with drum diam.2010 mm, 6 trav. / Dep., Carrier diam.750 mm carding group with mod.2000/5/1500 drum diam.2000 mm, 5 trav. / dep., 1 wheel, 2 wheel cleaners, 1 doffer, the doffer 1 cleaner, 1 Paigne detaching the veil, automatic carrier mod TTP / 3500, rateliar supply colored locks, single spinner card with power mod.C4/411 group, carding group mod. 2000/6/1500, daviseur 4 points, double scrubbing, file 168, 19.8 mm strap., Incl.tous accessories like cinnamon control motors etc.. etc..

1 aiguisser apparatus and mounting pad “Octir” 3500 mm

Sample Rate of 1 Dévidoirr “Defraine” DP Type

1 Dispenser Sample Rate “Defraine” type ECD

1 Balance laboratory “Zweigle”

1 electric Torsiometer “Calderara”

Tubes for spinning machines and continuous retorder

2 Facilities hoist “Abuse”, each 15 mtrs., Hoist with electr. “Demag”, 2 x 500 kg

Coils for chard and trolleys

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