Somet SM92, SM93 Rapier Weaving Looms

Product Name: Somet SM92, SM93 Rapier Weaving Looms
Product Group: Weaving
proposal: INTER-SA4502
Manufacturer: Somet
Machine Type: SM92, SM93 Looms with Staubli Mechanical Dobby

23 x Somet Rapier Weaving Looms
Model 14 x SM92 and 9 x SM93
Working Width 2600 mm
With Staubli Dobby 2232 for 20 Levers (some looms with 12 Levers)

Accessories with Each Loom:-
4 Weft Feeders
14 Heald Frames
6 Warp Stop Motion
Mechanical take up and let off
2 Warp Beams and Cloth Rollers
Heald Wires and Droppers as fitted
All Looms are without Socco
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