Sulzer P7200 Weaving Looms

Product Name: Sulzer P7200 Weaving Looms
Product Group: Weaving
proposal: INTER-SA4486
Manufacturer: Sulzer
Machine Type: P7200 Weaving Looms Cam motion

80 x Sulzer P7200 B360 N2 EP RK3
YOC 1994 – 1996
Working Width 3600 mm
Reinforced Machines for Heavy fabric ideal for 2/1 and 3/1 Weave Fabrics in Heavy GSM
Accessories Per Machine
Cam Motion (6 Cams Installed) Capacity is 10
6 Heald Frames
1 Weft Feeder
6 Warp Stop Bars
1.5 Beams Dia 1000 MM
1 Cloth Roll
Heald Wires and Droppers as on loom about 6,000 each
Projectile Guide Teeth as on Looms
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